Having worked in the tattoo industry for a number of yearst the County Custom Tattoo team take health and safety very seriously. We have taken steps such as only using different single use pre sterilised needles and tubes for each clients safety. These are prosesionally produced top quality equipment steralised more efficiently than most comercially available sterilising units. We also use pre sterilised inks in single use pots for each client. We use pre-made tattoo needles which are made from ISO 9001 certified stainless steel and sterilised by E.O Gas. CE Marked and are approved for use in Europe.



We are in continuous contact with health profesionals in the dermotalogical and heomotoligical departments in a Glasgow hospitals and are kept up to date with any new information that concerns our field, we are also in comunications with an infection control department within another NHS Scotland Hospital and so maintain the highest standard using the most up to date information and procedures.