Do I need to make an appointment?


Since opening we are becoming increasingly busy, It would be advisable to make an appointment. however we do have space available for same day walk ins and will try to get you in for that day, it would obviously be best if you call for available space or preferably pop into the shop as early as possible on the day you would like to be tattooed to give yourself the best possible chance as these slots will be allotted on a first come basis. 


If no spaces are available for that day we can book the soonest available appointment for you with your preferred artist. Appointments require a cash deposit of up to £40 this will obviously be partial payment for the work you having done and will be deducted from the final price of your tattoo. Due to the requirement of a cash deposit we are unable to take bookings over the phone, this must be in the shop and in person


How much will my tattoo cost?


Prices for artwork displayed in the shop will be given on request. This will also apply to your own designs provided they are finished and ready to go a price can be agreed for the tattoo there and then. Any custom work which needs to be designed can be quoted when the design has been completed and agreed this would normally be quoted as an hourly rate and would depend on the size of the tattoo and the amount of detail in the design



Can I bring my own design?


Yes you can certainly bring your own designs to us, we will be more than happy to give a quote and advice on your own ideas, however if the design requires any additional refinement it may take a bit longer but this can often be completed on the same day. Where extensive rework or redesign is required especially for larger designs it may take some time to complete


Even if you only have a rough idea or concept of the tattoo you are looking for, our artists would be happy to design your custom tattoo from scratch, however if you could provide even the most simple rough line drawing it would be a great place to start. This would ensure we have a visual reference for what you are looking for.



Is it safe getting tattooed?


Professional studios are strictly monitored by local councils, in our case Renfrewshire district council. At Black Hart Tattoo every precaution is taken to ensure your safety. We use pre sterilised, pre packaged single use equipment of each client without exception. Further hygiene information can be seen on the Hygiene page and we would be more than happy to discuss this further during your visit.


How much will it hurt?


Generally pain is subjective. What one person finds to be painful someone else will take in their stride. Due to the nature of tattooing it will cause an amount of discomfort likened by many to a series of scratches on the surface of the skin, the intensity of this sensation varies with each position of the body and from person to person.


With that said it is very common for first time clients to find that is not anywhere near as "painful" as they first expected 


What age do i have to be to get a tattoo?


You MUST be at least 18 to be tattooed, REGARDLESS of parental consent this is the law in the UK. At Black Hart Tattoo will NOT, under any circumstance risk our licence. If you look under 25 you will be asked for photographic ID


Do you use anaesthetics?


We do not use anaesthetics. Further to this we would recommend that you not use anaesthetics prior to your visit!


You may in some instances hear the purest telling you that it’s all part of the process to feel every needle...this is bull. The reasons for us not using anaesthetic products such as EMLA cream etc is that these are available from the chemist only, we are not trained anaesthetists and are therefore we are not licensed to apply anaesthetics. Ethically however the effectiveness of such anaesthetics are very temporary and begins to dissipate as soon as we start to clean and prepare the area for tattooing so in essence it would be a waste of your time and money.


Additionally and perhaps more significantly, topical anaesthetic creams are intended for single injection areas, the nature of tattooing is multiple injections over a wider area. This has the potential of introducing a far greater amount of the anaesthetic into the bloodstream which may increase the risk of poisoning of the blood and infection.


Black Hart Tattoo advise against the use of "Topical Anaesthetics" so please don’t apply these prior to getting tattooed at any studio.


Will you tattoo all body parts?


No! We will not tattoo genitals or faces, without exception.


There are areas of the body which do not readily lend themselves to good tattoos such as the side of the hand, ears, fingers, toes etc tattoos in these places cannot be guaranteed and would be advised against but repositioning these tattoos by even an inch can make all the difference